Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mommy's new tattoo

So my mom and I were talking about finishing up her back that our tattoo artist had started but I had to decline the offer because it wasn't my project. Instead of that, we decided to do something for the youngest of the three boys, Pono. When My mom got her tattoos for me and my older brother, it was for graduation but she decided to get this one a little sooner, just in case when the time comes around he might not want to get one. However, this tattoo is much more that just a tattoo of the youngest in our family, it's also to represent the completion of our family. The he'e design along the outside of it represents Pono, and how hes a little more reserved and to himself that the rest of us but he always had a good grasp on things just like the octopus. He also has the eye for seeing he'e while diving which any local knows, is hard. The four Iwa represent the four men in my moms life, my dad, my older brother, me, and pono. And the lauhala pattern on symbolizes her family strength and unity. And the "Kapua'i" design between the lauhala represent the steps of her kupuna.
Close up of Moms Tattoo

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